+ model addiction : Charlotte Free

model charlotte free numero tokyo fashion magazine pink hair

+ If you were ever wondering who the pink haired vixen is that is taken the fashion world by storm, then today you are in luck! This model's name is Charlotte Free.

+ In my personal opinion, brands love her young and fun, unique look. While regular models may dye their hair for certain shoots, this is actually Charlotte's look. Not sure if she refuses to change it for shoots, but I definitely haven't seen a pic of her without it!

Charlotte Free Fashion Magazine Editorial Pink Hair Pink Balloons


+ "The Ladies" : April 2012 Interview Russia Mag Editorial

LOVE THESE PICS! [Just a few of my faves. There were so many!]

My Inspiration for the week <3



+ UNIF: Spring 2012

. . .intrigued by their awesome footwear, i did a little digging and looked up a tad more info on the brand UNIF. i was pleasantly surprised at what i found! i'm always a fand of the carefree//hippie look, and their brand gives me that vibe. this spring 2012 lookbook is so gorgeous to me! you know i'm a sucker for anything with an extra hint of creativity.the fog gave it that.


check out their site here: http://unifclothing.com






+ tumblr tuesday: grunge shorts

tumblr grunge cut off denim studded shorts

tumblr frayed denim shorts grunge

tumblr denim shorts frayed distressed

shorts distressed dyed denim

+ current addiction. and not just because i make these myself every week.lol