+ "The Ladies" : April 2012 Interview Russia Mag Editorial

LOVE THESE PICS! [Just a few of my faves. There were so many!]

My Inspiration for the week <3



+ UNIF: Spring 2012

. . .intrigued by their awesome footwear, i did a little digging and looked up a tad more info on the brand UNIF. i was pleasantly surprised at what i found! i'm always a fand of the carefree//hippie look, and their brand gives me that vibe. this spring 2012 lookbook is so gorgeous to me! you know i'm a sucker for anything with an extra hint of creativity.the fog gave it that.


check out their site here: http://unifclothing.com






+ tumblr tuesday: grunge shorts

tumblr grunge cut off denim studded shorts

tumblr frayed denim shorts grunge

tumblr denim shorts frayed distressed

shorts distressed dyed denim

+ current addiction. and not just because i make these myself every week.lol



+ lindsay X terry

lindsay lohan terry richardson

lindsay lohan

. . .this editorial is probably like a month old now, but I love it SO much. plus the recent news of terry and lindsay having a temporary sexual fling and her wanting him now makes it semi-relevant again. lol.so here are a few of the pics from the shoot done for LOVE magazine.




+ crystal renn: numero China

model: Crystal Renn

photographer: Txema Yeste

stylist: Tim Lim

publication: Numero China

location: LA

. . .this shoot exudes more sexy and art than i can handle. LOVE.



+ artist love: Fafi

. . .since I have a Fafi piece tattooed on my arm, and she's one of my favorite female artists, I thought i'd share a few pieces of her work with you all today! it always makes me smile and is always a point of inspiration for me. from her artwork to her branding skills, she is a femme fatale that i look up to!

"From her 1994 graffiti debut in hometown Toulouse (France), to her recent collaborations with Adidas, M.A.C cosmetics and Chanel, FAFI always left a strong mark wherever she decided to put her pencils and brushes on.

Painting and hustling her sexy and sometimes aggressive characters, she sparked the whole world’s attention, travelling Europe, America and Asia. The planet is a playground and the game is called LOVE AND FAFINESS."



tumblr tuesdays: sweater edition

. . .if you've never visited http://sexy-sweaters.com/ then you're really missing out. this tumblr tuesday inspiration post [a new weekly feature!] is full of pics from their tumblr page. they have a template for sweaters and put awesome random designs on them! the only thing that sucks is that these aren't actual sweaters that you can purchase, but i love them anyway! great source for sparking ideas!!!

. . .shameless plug: follow me on tumblr!

[ http://itstattooedbarbie.tumblr.com ]

<3 Lindsey


+ primitive style


. . .while browsing etsy via treasuries and other wonderfulness, I came across the RAEBIRD store. i was pleasantly surprised by the amazingly gorgeous handmade jewelry. anybody that knows me, knows I have a thing for anything that reminds me of tribal warriors, and this brand does just that!

. . .ranging from bracelets to necklaces, these pieces are so lovely, but in a strong way! clearly inspired by Navajo and Native American culture. i feel that their products are also very affordable, ranging from about $25-$80!


visit the etsy store here: http://raebird.etsy.com


<3 Lindsey



+ music monday: iggy

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqkKdCs5Nz4]

+ i went from seeing her out and about, partying with the Atlanta hipster scene, to seeing her sign record deals and blow up in LA. i'm so proud of my girl Iggy! she's a dope new act, and she's gorgeous. anytime she's on film it automatically looks like a moving work of art


+ artist love: Miss Van

. . .  I was browsing the net today for new tattoo ideas to finish my "art" sleeve and decided to look up some Miss Van pieces. She's one of, if not my favorite female artist. She's from Toulouse and got into dope graffiti in the 90s, painting her thick-with-it girly characters which range from super cute to sexual and mysterious.

. . .Her art embodies all elements of feminism to me and her work continues to evolve over the years.

Here are a few pics that I  love from a piece she did for the Art In The Street Exhibit at LA MoCA last year:

She also teamed up with a fashion designer friend and has her artwork on apparel now and I LOVE it!  I neeeeed these leggings in my life!